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This meshnet is in early stages of forming. Please mind the mess!

Interesting Uses:

How to Connect

Meshnet DNS

The meshnet has a managed DNS server that will resolve the .defcon tld managed by this repository. All other non-mesh and all IPv4 requests will be forwarded to cloudflare and

This Name Server does not log queries in any way shape or form.


Set system DNS resolver to either or both:

Register new Domain

Use the “New Defcon Domain Name” Issue Template to request a Domain name with the meshnet only .defcon tld.

Popular Names and exisiting groups will need reasonable proof of ownership included in the request.

Adding a new Public Peer

You can connect to any peer on the network if you know their set listening IP and Port, It is a meshnet afterall.

If you wish to have your node publicy listed, please use the Add Public Peer issue template to register a public node.

Known on mesh services.

To add a service, please use the Mesh Services issue template


Time and effort for organizing the DEFCON Meshnet and running its DNS servers have been thanks to volunteers over at DCDarknet.

Code of Conduct

Follow the rules and guidelines set by the DEFCON Code of Conduct (CoC).

Because nodes can only connect to this network through other nodes, if you identify any content or behavior that is illegal or content the CoC then please either disconnect/block the node from connecting to you, or report the node to be disconnected by the peer it is connected to.

Responsible Disclosure - Any vulnerabilities discovered accidentally or through allowed testing should be reported and fixed/mitigated before (if agreed to) being disclosed.

Above all, this is the DEFCON community and malicious intent should not be tolerated by its participants.